Trump Workers Moved Mar-a-Lago Boxes One Day Before DOJ Came For Documents: Report

New details reveal the former president’s instructions and intent before DOJ search

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Two of former President Donald Trump’s employees at his Florida estate moved boxes of papers one day before the Justice Department went to retrieve them, The Washington Post revealed in a report Thursday.

The former president and his aides also reportedly had a “dress rehearsal” for moving sensitive documents before receiving the May 2022 subpoena, according to people who spoke to The Post. 

Prosecutors have also gathered evidence showing at times, Trump kept classified documents in a visible place in his office and even showed them to others. 

The new evidence reveals the greater extent to which the former president was involved in possible obstruction and widens the timeline from the events before the subpoena and the events after the raid on Aug. 8. 

The former president is being investigated by the department after hundreds of classified documents were found at the estate. 

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