DeSantis Makes First TV Appearance Since Announcing Bid Amid Glitches; Vows To Lead ‘The Great American Comeback’

The two-term Florida governor appeared on Fox News Tonight Wednesday evening.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis gave his first TV interview just hours after announcing his 2024 campaign, appearing on Fox News Tonight Wednesday evening. 

Host Trey Gowdy, after offering a glowing biographic look at DeSantis, offered a quip about the chaos that ensued with the announcement on Twitter, saying, "I can't promise that I won't crash, but Fox News will not crash during this interview."

DeSantis acknowledged the technical issues, saying the event “did break the Twitter Space” and that his campaign is excited about the enthusiasm. 

He reiterated the crux of his announcement on Twitter earlier Wednesday evening, saying he is trying to lead the “great American comeback.” 

“We know the country is on the wrong track. We see with our eyes, we feel it in our bones…Our decline as a country. is not inevitable. It is a choice.” 

DeSantis pledged to help restore “normalcy to our communities, integrity to our institutions and sanity to our society needs to be the foundation of everything we do.” 

He told viewers he is making the run now because he sees the country going in the wrong direction, adding that some of the damage caused by the Biden Administration “is going to be irreversible.” 

He said he thinks America has the opportunity now to move the country in a stronger direction with bold leadership. 

He said he’s up for the task after the work he’s done thus far in his two terms as governor, citing “unprecedented policy success.” 

DeSantis came under fire from both sides after the much-anticipated launch of his campaign hit numerous technical snags, causing confusion and irritation and drawing fire from others in the field. 

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