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Workers Are the Happiest They’ve Been in Decades: Survey

Worker satisfaction has risen steadily since 2010, even through the pandemic.

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American workers are experiencing the highest levels of job satisfaction in at least 36 years, according to a new study by the Conference Board.

Overall, 62 percent of workers say they are happy with their job. The top contributing factors include competitive pay and workplace culture. Additionally, employees with hybrid schedule are happier than those who work entirely online or entirely in the office.

Yet women are significantly less satisfied than men in nearly all metrics, indicating that employers have more work to do as they prioritize pay equity and rooting out gender discrimination.

In 2010, worker satisfaction dipped to 42.6 percent in the wake of the Great Recession, but it has risen steadily since then, even through the pandemic.

The "Great Resignation" — when an unprecedented number of employees quit their jobs, staring in early 2021 — may have contributed to current levels of satisfaction. Many workers switched careers or found jobs with better pay and benefits.

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