Woman Gives Birth During Zedd’s Set at Las Vegas Music Festival

The DJ said it was an 'honor to be the soundtrack' to the birth

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

At the Electric Daisy Carnival, Cristina Celis unexpectedly began labor during a performance by DJ Zedd. Despite being several weeks away from her due date, Celis decided to attend the three-day music festival in Las Vegas. She felt entirely normal until Zedd, a German DJ, took the stage on Saturday night.

Celis began to feel "weird pains" and went to a medic for help. Soon after, she was on her way to the hospital to give birth to her first child, a baby girl named Izzabella Daisy Garcia.

"Within not even an hour of everything they transferred me within 30 mins to this hospital and within 15 minutes she was here," Celis told KVVU.

Zedd learned about the birth and reached out via Twitter, hoping to connect with the mother who had given birth during his performance. Celis responded to Zedd's inquiry, identifying herself and sharing a photo of her in the hospital cradling her newborn baby girl.

"CONGRATS!!!!! So happy you're both healthy, and that I had the honor to be the soundtrack," Zedd tweeted.

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