Village People Tell Trump to Stop Dancing to ‘Macho Man’ at Mar-a-Lago

The manager of the iconic music group sent a cease and desist letter to the former president's lawyer regarding the disco hit.


Iconic disco group the Village People have taken a stand against former President Donald Trump's use of their music.

Karen Willis, the band's manager and wife of frontman Victor Willis, penned a cease and desist letter to Trump's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, expressing their displeasure at Trump using their popular hit, "Macho Man," during a recent appearance at Mar-a-Lago.

A copy of the letter was shared to Twitter by Mediaite Editor-in-Chief Aidan McLaughlin.

In the message, Willis said the group took issue with Trump allowing a group of individuals to dress up as the Village People and perform their songs.

Footage of the performance can be viewed here.

Willis explained that she worried the performance caused fans and the public to "mistakingly believe" that the band's actual members played during the event.

Willis said she believed it violated the Lanham Act, which protects intellectual property against trademark infringement, trademark dilution, unfair competition, and false advertising.

The Messenger has contacted Willis and Trump's attorney, Joe Tacopina, for comment.

In a statement to Billboard, Tacopina said he would "only deal" with an attorney for the Village People, and "not the wife of one of the members."

"But they should be thankful that President Trump allowed them to get their name back in the press," he added. "I haven’t heard their name in decades. Glad to hear they are still around.”

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