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PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 15: A general view of a Starbucks store on September 15, 2022 in Plainview, New York, United States. Many families along with businesses are suffering the effects of inflation as the economy is dictating a change in spending habits. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Starbucks fired a transgender woman after a video of her having a heated disagreement with a customer garnered more than 4 million views online.

The altercation occurred in Southampton, Hampshire, a town in the United Kingdom.

The 56-second video clip opens with a customer yelling at the barista, "Don’t ever call me transphobic! Ever! You do not know me!” The barista responded, "You’re calling me a man. You’re being transphobic, Karen, now get out.”

In the remainder of the video clip, the barista tells the woman to leave the Starbucks five times and repeatedly warns her that she is trespassing in the cafe. The worker then approaches the man filming the interaction and seems to push the camera out of the way.

A Starbucks spokesman told the Daily Mail, "The licensee has confirmed that the partner no longer works at the company."

Also in a statement to the Daily Mail, the Hampshire police said that they, "received a report of an assault at Starbucks in Beresford House, Town Quay in Southampton" and that an investigation was on-going.

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