A medical clinic in eastern Ukraine was destroyed by a Russian missile Friday, in a strike that killed at least one person and injured 23, including two children, officials said.

“An insidious enemy launched a rocket attack on a medical facility,” Dmytro Lubinets, the Ukrainian parliament’s human rights commissioner, said on Telegram. He said two boys, aged three and six, were in “moderate” condition following the attack in Dnipro. A 69-year-old passerby was killed, Dnipropetrovsk governor Serhii Lysak said

Russian Missile Destroys Ukrainian Hospital After 'Mass Attack'

Video posted by Ukrainian officials showed rescuers carrying dazed and bleeding victims from the rubble. The three-story facility, which media identified as a hospital, was in flames after the morning attack.

“Russian terrorists once again confirm their status of fighters against everything humane and honest,” Ukrainian President Vlolodymyr Zelenskyy said in a statement. 

The strike in Dnipro came after Russian forces launched an overnight barrage of 17 missiles and 31 attack drones on targets across Ukraine, including Kyiv. Ukraine's air defenses appeared to continue their recent pattern of intercepting most of the incoming weapons; the Ukrainian Air Force said it had shot down 10 air-launched cruise missiles, 23 Iranian Shahed attack drones, and two surveillance drones.

But at least one missile got through and struck the hospital.

"It was a very difficult night. It was loud," Lysak said. "The enemy launched a mass attack on the region with missiles and drones. Dnipro has suffered."

Roughly 200 miles away, in Russia’s Belgorod region, site of a cross-border incursion by Russian partisans earlier this week, officials said a drone had struck late Thursday night. Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said on Telegram that the roof and facade of a local office of the state-owned energy company Gazprom had been damaged in the attack.

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