Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Protecting Against ‘Biomedical Security State’ Into Law

Ron DeSantis’ “Prescribe Freedom” plan bans COVID-era mask mandates and “discrimination” based on one’s vaccine status.

Octavio Jones/Getty Images

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Thursday signed a sweeping “medical freedom” bill into law, according to his office

The Republican governor ijoined by Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo at a press conference to sign the bill, after the Florida legislature approved it last week. 

Floridan Press reporter Chris Nelson first reported plans for the signing. DeSantis spoke at a church in Destin with Ladapo, according to multiple local outlets. 

DeSantis’ plan was first introduced in January. It includes bans on vaccine and mask requirements, as well as workplaces discriminating based on one’s vaccine status. The governor said when introducing his plan that it was a response to the “biomedical security state” and Covid-19 protocols.

“The bureaucracy, the medical establishment, legacy media and even the President of the United States who, together, were working to impose a biomedical security state on society,” he said. 

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