Kanye 2020 Campaign May Have Committed ‘Potentially Serious Criminal Transaction,’ Treasurer Says

Ye's treasurer resigned and alleged that the campaign may have broken federal campaign finance law.

Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

The treasurer for Kanye West's last presidential campaign resigned on Monday and told Ye that campaign advisor Milo Yiannopoulos may have broken federal campaign finance law.

In a letter to Ye, Patrick Krason said that he had recently learned of a "potentially serious criminal transaction" from the 2020 campaign that involved Yiannopoulos submitting "falsified invoices and for expenditures that would be deemed unlawful" in November 2022.

Krason officially resigned from his role, telling the rapper-turned-aspiring-politician that there was too much "personal animosity" between himself and Yiannopoulos to continue in the role.

In the letter, Krason references an expense for a digital asset that Yiannopoulos requested reimbursement from both West's presidential campaign and the campaign of Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Yiannopoulos' former employer.

However, there do not appear to be any direct payments to Yiannopoulos in Greene’s campaign filings from the time period he is referencing.

Yiannopoulos previously worked with Ye's campaign but left late last year, before Krason joined the team. Last week, he was brought back on to lead the political operation -- a sign that Ye may intend to run for president again (Ye said as much last fall, around the same time he went on a right-wing media blitz praising Hitler and making other anti-Semitic comments).

Yiannopoulos has denied the accusation of any wrongdoing, saying that he would not "give any credence or ridiculous, ridiculous and easily disproven claims." He believes that this is just a "venomous" attack from the former treasurer.

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