Elon Musk Defends MrBeast: People Shouldn’t be Attacked ‘for Doing Good’

Musk opined on a recent controversy surrounding the YouTube star's wildly popular videos.

Elon Musk has spoken out against critics of the controversial YouTuber star MrBeast, who recently donated money to help 1,000 deaf people receive specialized hearing aids that would restore their hearing.

"People definitely shouldn't be attacked for doing good," Musk wrote on Twitter. "I'm always looking for ways to donate money that are actually good."

Skeptics have accused MrBeast, owner of YouTube's fourth most-subscribed channel, of exploiting disabled people by filming his charitable stunts and sharing them with millions of viewers — generating more subscribers and revenue in the process. The 25-year-old internet personality reportedly has a net worth of $100 million.

MrBeast's other charitable stunts have included hosting a Monopoly game with real money, giving a homeless man a fully-furnished house, and tipping pizza delivery drivers $10,000.

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