Bear Steals and Eats Dozens of Cupcakes From Van at Connecticut Bakery

No one was hurt during the incident at the Taste by Spellbound store in Avon, Connecticut.

Taste by Spellbound

A hungry bear found something nearly as yummy as a pot of honey after sneaking into a Connecticut bakery -- a van full of frosted cupcakes!

The furry intruder struck Wednesday morning at Taste by Spellbound in Avon, according to the store's Facebook page.

Kitchen supervisor Maureen Williams was loading a Ford Transit with fresh pastries for the bakery's outlets in South Windsor and West Hartford when she "looked up and saw a bear staring at her," the post said.

"All the sudden we hear her screaming bloody murder and then yelling, 'There’s a bear in [the] garage!'" store owner Miriam Taylor wrote.

Williams told local TV station Fox61 she tried to close the van's doors to protect the products -- but the bear beat her to it.

"As soon as I did that, the bear quickly turned and charged back towards me and so I had to hightail it quickly out the door into the back of the bakery and shut the door,” she said.

"He really wanted those cupcakes,” Williams told Eyewitness News 3.

Cupcakes on floor of garage
Cupcakes are left scattered on the floor of a Connecticut bakery garage after a bear charged at a worker there on Wednesday. Credit: Taste by Spellbound

But as Williams held the bakery door leading into the garage shut, the bear apparently knocked a refrigerator against it in the garage on the other side.

The bakery workers were "all stunned for a second," Taylor said, then she called 911.

While waiting for police, Taylor said, an employee came up with a plan to drive her car, which was parked in front, to the back of the bakery to scare the bear.

After "beeping her horn like a crazy person," the bear left "and Williams ran to close the garage as fast as she could," Taylor said.

A photo of the aftermath shows an empty tray and about two dozen assorted cupcakes scattered on the floor next to the open van and leading to the garage door.

"The bear destroyed 60 cupcakes a bunch of coconut cake," Taylor wrote.

"I’m so thankful Maureen was safe [and] wasn’t hurt, as well as the rest of the team."

The bear was gone when cops arrived around 8:20 a.m., NBC Connecticut reported.

But the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection apparently is trying to trap it by using more tasty treats as bait, according to Eyewitness News 3.

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