CNN Media Reporter Reveals ‘Fury of Criticism’ Within Network Following Trump Town Hall

How CNN CEO Chris Licht responds to the “spectacle of lies” from Wednesday’s town hall will be “crucial,” the network’s own Oliver Darcy said.


CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy revealed a “fury of criticism” internally at the network following Wednesday’s town hall with Donald Trump.

The former president kicked up controversy by reiterating his election fraud conspiracy theories, insulting host Kaitlan Collins, and mocking rape accuser E. Jean Carroll. A jury found Trump liable for sexually abusing Carroll earlier this week and she was awarded $5 million.  

Darcy described the town hall as Trump’s “unhinged social media feed brought to life on stage,” adding that the network is defending the event thus far.

CNN released a statement in response to internal and external concerns over the town hall in which they praised Collins for fact checking Trump, statingthe event was to provide voters with “crucial information” about the 2024 “Republican frontrunner.”

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