CNN Colleagues Jump to Kaitlan Collins’ Defense Over ‘Masterclass’ Trump Town Hall Amid Backlash

Donald Trump described town hall host Kaitlan Collins as a “nasty person” during the fiery town hall, which inspired a “DoneWithCNN” Twitter trend.


Colleagues of Kaitlan Collins rushed to the anchor’s defense amid backlash against how she moderated Donald Trump’s Wednesday evening town hall.

Collins’ CNN co-host on This Morning, Poppy Harlow, praised Collins for giving a “masterclass” in how to handle a town hall on Thursday morning. Collins was absent from her seat on the morning’s table.

Negative reaction to the town hall was swift, with lawmakers like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, blasting the network and a “DoneWithCNN” hashtag trending into Thursday on Twitter. 

CNN released a statement through its own Oliver Darcy late Wednesday via their Reliable Sources newsletter in which the network called Collins a “world class journalist” who “fact checked” the former president in real time. 

“That is CNN’s role and responsibility: to get answers and hold the powerful to account,” the network said.

Trump used the town hall to double down on election fraud conspiracy theories and mock E. Jean Carroll.

Kaitlan Collins
Kaitlan Collins hosting Donald Trump town hall via CNN
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