Bat-Wielding Woman Arrested After Series of Random Attacks

Chicago woman is suspected of attacking at least eight women throughout the city's Northwest Side.

Chicago Sun-Times/Screenshot

A woman was arrested this week after she allegedly used a baseball bat to hit at least eight people in a series of attacks throughout Chicago's Northwest Side, the Chicago Sun Times reports.

A witness to the attacks said she saw the suspect jump out of a white car and use a bat to hit two women walking with a stroller.

"And she walked toward the two women with the baby, I thought she must know them or something, or maybe she was playing a joke on them," resident Shannon Condon told ABC7. "And then I saw the woman with the bat start hitting the ladies over and over again, and the ladies were screaming."

The suspect then reportedly returned to her car and drove away.

Denise Solorzano, 26, is also suspected of committing at least five additional attacks starting on Sunday. One woman was hospitalized but is listed in good condition, and no other serious injuries were reported.

Solorzano was charged with felony aggravated assault and use of a deadly weapon, among other counts, and will appear in court on Thursday afternoon. The motivation behind the attacks remains unclear, and the victims appear to have been randomly targeted.

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