World in Photos: Italy won’t accept migrants unless they’re young or sick — and no one else is stepping in to take them. What happens next?

The latest flashpoint in the global migration crisis is a port in Sicily.

Under the new policy, those rejected at Catania and other Italian ports are given only a limited time before they have to leave — but that has left the ships and their migrant passengers in a kind of maritime limbo. Where are they to go?

The photos capture the scenes and conditions on board some of the ships and at the port, where activists have protested the new rules and the way they are being implemented. Catania is just the latest flashpoint in a seemingly endless crisis of global migration. It won’t be the last.

Seated survivors study Italian and English on the deck of the Ocean Viking on Oct. 28 in the Strait of Sicily, Mediterranean Sea.
The 35 people on the ship Humanity 1 who were refused disembarkation wait on the deck in Catania, Italy, on Sunday.
A young migrant just disembarked from Humanity 1 boards a bus after health checks on Sunday in Catania.
Protesters are seen with megaphones and holding signs and flags by the port.
Activists participate in a demonstration against the Italian government's new selection process at the port of Catania on Sunday.
A group of policemen guards the entrance to the pier on Sunday in Catania.
Migrants study Italian and English on the deck of the Ocean Viking on Oct. 28 in the Strait of Sicily.
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