World in Photos: In France, no-confidence vote and fresh protests

Macron faces fury over his plans to change the retirement age — and the way he bypassed parliament.

Macron and many economists have said that France simply cannot afford to continue paying for the retirement benefits and other elements of its generous social welfare programs as the population ages and the proportion of working-age citizens to retirement-age citizens drops precipitously. Life expectancy has risen to 82 in France, and projections suggest millions of people retiring today will earn those benefits for a quarter-century.

In these photos, inside the National Assembly — where the political opposition was visibly evident; garbage piled in the streets of Paris — because sanitation workers have joined the demonstrations; long lines at the gas pumps — because gas deliveries have been impacted as well; and several photos from the streets — because it’s the streets, again, where the fury is most evident.

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