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Dear Reader,

Thank you for checking out Grid. We’re a new digital publication dedicated to reporting the facts and context necessary to understand how world events, persistent challenges and mega-trends connect. We focus our reporting on science, public health, economics, geopolitics, public and private institutions, and misinformation.

Grid is meant for people like you and me who follow the news but want something more. A lot of us are inundated with updates on relentless crises. The flood prioritizes what’s new, not necessarily what is important. We must visit multiple outlets to stitch together the fuller picture. Overarching narratives are disproportionately framed as ideological disagreements. Despite our best intentions, often we retreat to our ideological corners. The chance for productive debate dims.

Our reporters and editors want to change this dynamic. They are subject-matter experts who value collaboration and will work across subject areas to report, synthesize and prioritize information in a clear, useful way. Reporters will use creative formats, like our “360″ approach, to tell stories through multiple lenses. We’ll challenge and bust conventional narratives.

Grid is just getting started. We have big ambitions for the coming months. You’ll see more voices on the site, including outside experts. You’ll discover us on new platforms. And we’ll evolve, challenging ourselves to push how we do the best interconnected journalism we can. We hope you enjoy Grid and find it useful. We’d appreciate your thoughts on how we can improve.


Laura McGann

Executive Editor

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