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Ukraine War in Data: More than 500,000 Russians have left their country since the war began

It’s a staggering figure — and it has nothing to do with the fear of drones and missiles.

This new diaspora has landed in many different places — influenced often by what has been possible in terms of travel and visas and so forth. Turkey, Armenia and Georgia have been popular destinations; the central Asian nations of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan as well; others have gone to Finland, Israel and to the United Arab Emirates.

Given the state of the war in Ukraine, and the possibility of new mobilizations of troops, the Russian exodus may be far from over. For now, as the Post puts it, it’s “a tidal wave on scale with emigration following the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991.”

We offer a comprehensive set of data points on the war in Ukraine below. Grid originally published this document on March 24, the one-month anniversary of the war. We update it every Thursday to provide a fuller picture of the conflict.

Civilians killed: at least 7,000 (probably thousands more)

Ukrainian soldiers killed: at least 13,000

Russian soldiers killed: between 5,937 and 139,000

Total displaced Ukrainians: approximately 14 million

Internally displaced Ukrainians: approximately 5.9 million

An overview of the violence

Global food markets: Wheat prices rose sharply after the invasion but have since fallen back to prewar levels.

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