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Ukraine War in Data: Estimated number of Russian troops killed and wounded in Ukraine is ‘approaching 200,000′

New estimates suggest a staggering toll as the war nears its one-year mark.

Ever since the war in Ukraine began, they have been among the most difficult facts to ascertain: the numbers of soldiers killed and wounded on either side. The much-used phrase “fog of war” applies — and in this war, it’s made even murkier by a desire among Russians and Ukrainians alike to obscure the truth about their losses.

As these officials and others who follow the war closely have said from the beginning, it is extremely difficult to accurately determine these figures. The sources for their estimates include satellite imagery, intelligence intercepts and on-the-ground media reports. They take in reporting from both governments as well — though again, those are not often the most trustworthy sources.

The U.S. has not offered a public assessment of Russian casualties since November, when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark A. Milley, said that more than 100,000 troops on each side had been killed and wounded since the war began. More recently, speaking with reporters in Germany last month, Milley said, “I would say it’s significantly well over 100,000 now.”

This much is clear: Both sides — and the Russians in particular — have incurred staggering losses in a war that few thought would last a month, much less a year. To put the figures in perspective, the U.S. toll of dead and wounded in nearly 20 years of war in Afghanistan was just under 25,000.

We offer a comprehensive set of data points on the war in Ukraine below. Grid originally published this document on March 24, the one-month anniversary of the war. We update it every Thursday to provide a fuller picture of the conflict.

Civilians killed: at least 7,000 (probably thousands more)

Ukrainian soldiers killed: at least 13,000

Russian soldiers killed: between 5,937 and 134,000

Total displaced Ukrainians: approximately 14 million

Internally displaced Ukrainians: approximately 5.9 million

An overview of the violence

Global food markets: Wheat prices rose sharply after the invasion but have since fallen back to prewar levels.

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