The Ukraine War in data: The most generous donors to Ukraine

As much as the U.S. has given to Ukraine, there are several countries that have been even more generous as a percentage of their overall economies.

We have reported often on the staggering figures of financial and military aid given to Ukraine by the United States and other members of NATO since the war began. Not to diminish those contributions in any way, but we were reminded recently that some other countries have pulled their weight in particularly powerful ways, given the relatively small size of their own economies.

Rounding out the top five donors on this list: Poland (0.50 percent), Lithuania (0.46 percent) and Norway (0.34 percent). As students of history will know, the Baltic nations have long held a mix of fear and suspicion when it comes to Moscow. No doubt those emotions and past realities have much to do with these figures.

We offer a more comprehensive set of data points on the war in Ukraine below. Grid originally published this document on March 24, the one-month anniversary of the war. We update it every Thursday to provide a fuller picture of the conflict.

Civilians killed: at least 6,700 (probably thousands more)

Ukrainian soldiers killed: at least 13,000

Russian soldiers killed: 5,937 to more than 96,000

Total displaced Ukrainians: more than 14 million

Internally displaced Ukrainians: more than 6.5 million

An overview of the violence

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