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The Ukraine War in data: 869 attacks on healthcare facilities

Week 22: Caregivers and their places of work have been among the victims of the Russian invasion.

According to Ukraine’s health ministry, 18 medical workers have been killed and more than 50 injured since the war began; 746 medical facilities have been damaged by Russian attacks — an additional 123 facilities have been completely destroyed. The ministry also offered data on how the gravely wounded continue to receive urgent care; an average of four evacuation flights per week transport Ukrainians abroad for medical treatment. To date, 1,274 Ukrainians have been medevaced for treatment.

In a Facebook post, the health ministry cited its findings as proof of a “targeted destruction of the medical infrastructure.”

Grid’s reporting is based on the best available data and reporting; in some cases, we explained a range of figures or the reason we chose one over another. We originally published this document on March 24 and will update it every Thursday as long as the war persists.

Civilians killed: at least 5,200 (probably thousands more)

Ukrainian soldiers killed: 10,000 to 11,000

Russian soldiers killed: 1,351 to 27,000

Russian generals killed: 8 to 13

Total displaced Ukrainians: at least 12 million

Internally displaced Ukrainians: at least 6.2 million

An overview of the violence

Global food markets: Wheat prices decrease 11 percent since invasion, after weeks of fluctuation

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