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‘No Dumb Questions’: Is there a climate change silver bullet?

Climate Reporter Dave Levitan tackles one of the most profound questions facing the planet.

Climate change is of course a vast problem — global in scope, involving every aspect of society and concerning nothing less than the future of the planet. Given that, it’s not surprising that policymakers and millions of ordinary people crave easy or quick solutions.

This week, in our video series “No Dumb Questions,” Levitan takes up a fundamental question about the climate crisis and possible ways to mitigate against its effects: “Is there a climate change silver bullet?”

The short answer, as you might guess, is no. But as Levitan notes, it’s a “no, but …” — meaning, there are actions to be taken that might collectively amount to something approaching a “silver bullet.”

And it’s not a dumb question at all. Watch Dave Levitan’s answer here:

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