​​’TigerBelly,’ ‘They Call Us Bruce,’ And 4 Other Podcasts From Asian Creators

Learn more about the AAPI experience and culture with these great podcasts

Big Money Players Network and iHeartPodcasts /Andrew Ti, Tawny Newsome / Saturday School from the Potluck Podcast Collective / Self Evident Media / Jeff Yang & Phil Yu / Bobby Lee & Khalyla

Want to hear more from AAPI voices? What better way than through podcasts? Hosted by comedians, journalists, and cultural enthusiasts alike, these shows explore everything from history and pop culture to the political landscape, offering an immersive journey into the diverse experiences and perspectives of the AAPI community.

1. TigerBelly

Tiger Belly podcast image
Bobby Lee & Khalyla

Episode length: 90 minutes
Episode cadence: Every Wednesday

Complete with its own YouTube channel, TigerBelly is a gut-busting great time thanks to comedians Bobby Lee and Khalyla Khan (fans of the Sex and the City reboot …And Just Like That likely recognize Lee from his role on the show as a podcaster, appropriately).

Khan and Lee’s connection was something really special, especially considering that they dated for a large portion of TigerBelly’s time on the air. (The pair split in January 2023, but they’ll continue to co-host.) Confronting everyday AAPI triggers and sore spots — like how to respond when a white person says “hello” in a specific, mocking way — TigerBelly is a must-listen.

Perfect for: Listeners who can find the humor in everyday irritations

2. They Call Us Bruce

They Call Us Bruce podcast image
Jeff Yang & Phil Yu

Episode length: 45-60 minutes
Episode cadence: Every Thursday

Exploring everything from Asian artifacts to the influence and rise of K-pop, to recent AAPI pop culture like the Oscar winner Everything Everywhere All At Once, They Call Us Bruce is a staple of the AAPI podcast scene.

Hosted by friends Jeff Yang of CNN and Phil Yu, founder of internet blog Angry Asian Man, the podcast frequently hosts special guests like fellow AAPI podcast hosts, actors like Midori Francis (Grey’s Anatomy, Sex Lives of College Girls), and AAPI writers, so whatever you’re looking for content-wise, Yang and Yu have probably covered it. Make note that there’s also some pretty sensitive episodes, like one where the hosts reflect on incidents of anti-Asian violence.

Fun highlight: Jeff and Yang interview Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan

3. Self Evident: Asian America’s Stories

Self Evident podcast image
Self Evident Media

Episode length: 30-45 minutes
Episode cadence: Weekly

Self Evident is, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the best AAPI podcast if you want to do a deep dive on the history of the community. Exploring, as they put it on their website, “every corner of Asian America,” the podcast strives to be as inclusive as possible, letting underrepresented producers, filmmakers, and journalists take center stage.

Topics in the first two seasons include exploring ancestral grief, difficulties with resettlement, and different family histories, depending on who’s hosting any given episode.

Perfect for: Listeners who want a serious deep dive into AAPI history

4. Saturday School

Saturday School podcast image
Saturday School from the Potluck Podcast Collective

Episode length: 30 minutes
Episode cadence: Varies

Named for the lessons that young Asian Americans would attend while their non-AAPI friends got to stay home and have cereal in front of their Sunday morning cartoons, Saturday School leads listeners through the history of Asian American pop culture.

Throughout eight seasons of the podcast, they’ve covered everything from Mira Nair’s seminal film Mississippi Masala to a celebration of people who have seen Crazy Rich Asians more than five times in theaters. Whether you already know a ton of AAPI movies or you’re looking to learn about them, you’ll find some wisdom in Saturday School.

Fun highlight: A recent miniseries on the short film series Futurestates

5. Yo, Is This Racist?

Yo Is This Racist podcast image
Andrew Ti, Tawny Newsome

Episode length: 30-45 minutes 
Episode cadence: Every Wednesday

If you’ve ever found yourself asking if something is racist, then this is, clearly, the podcast for you. Comedians Tawny Newsome and Andrew Ti field questions from fans and listeners about all sorts of situations and deem themselves as the ultimate arbiters of whether or not things are racist.

They also chat with each other about a huge variety of things, like recent TV shows or modern politics. After checking out an episode of Yo, Is This Racist?, you might find yourself submitting a query of your own.

Perfect for: Listeners who want a fresh, funny take on the news of the day and real-life situations alike

6. Las Culturistas

Las Culturistas podcast image
Big Money Players Network and iHeartPodcasts

Episode length: 90 minutes
Episode cadence: Every Wednesday

Las Culturistas feels exactly like going to a long, boozy brunch with two of your funniest, coolest friends. Hosts Bowen Yang — yes, the Saturday Night Live standout Bowen Yang — and Matt Rogers are one of the funniest duos around, and with a rotating roster of incredible guests like The Good Place and Barry star D’Arcy Carden, Yellowjackets star Melanie Lynskey, and more, though sometimes they host by themselves and just banter. If you’re looking for a sharp and incredibly funny viewpoint on all things pop culture, Las Culturistas is definitely for you.

Fun highlight: The annual Culture Awards held at Lincoln Center

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