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Here’s Who Vegas Is Betting Will Win ‘Succession’

Casino-goers have made their predictions about who's going replace Logan Roy at the helm of Waystar Royco.


Which Roy sibling, if any, will succeed Logan Roy in running Waystar Royco on the Succession series finale? Well, right now, it's anyone's guess, but there are a few clear frontrunners — at least, according to those who are willing to put their money where their mouths are. That's right, the betting community has anointed their pick(s) for the next CEO of the company.

On May 1, ahead of the "Tailgate Party" episode — and, of course, the oh-so-eventful election episode, "America Decides"VSIN reported that the safest bet, at +200 odds, was for the company to be sold off, with no Roy remaining at the helm of the business. Barring that, the character with the sharpest odds of landing on top was reportedly Roman Roy with +250, with Kendall Roy behind at +300 and Shiv trailing at +500.  Meanwhile, Connor's chances were considered even slimmer at +1200 odds, followed by the ever-opportunistic Tom Wamsbgans at +1500, Marcia at +2000 and Greg even further behind at +2500 (guess Vegas isn't seeing him as a dark horse like some fan theorists). 

Meanwhile, another source, OLGB, reported on May 5 that Lukas Matsson had the strongest chances of taking over at +150 (or 44.44%), well above Roman and Kendall's equal +700 odds (or Shiv's +1000, for that matter). That was, of course, before the small matter of GoJo's fudged numbers came into the mix during the "Tailgate" episode, and now it looks like the tides may be turning in favor of everyone's No. 1 boy.

That's right, according to a new breakdown of the numbers (via r/sportsbook), Kendall Roy's (Jeremy Strong) strong showing at the funeral in Sunday's "Church and State" has done what the character loves best: moved the market needle. Now, apparently, it's him who the betting bunch are considering to be the surefire winner, with +150 odds. Hot on his tail, though, is still Roman Roy at +200, which means Vegas isn't reading too much into that meltdown — at least, not yet. Here, Matsson moves back to third with +375 odds, but Greg gets a respectable +600. Shiv falls even further with +750, while Tom (+1000), Connor (+4000) and Gerri (+4000) are the longshots in this betting scenario.

Fans will have to wait until Sunday to find out whether these wagers hold up, of course, but it looks like Las Vegas, at least, is putting its (hypothetical) money on Kendall to step into his dad's shoes before it's all said and done.

Succession's finale airs Sunday at 9/8c on HBO. Seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Max.

The Roy Siblings on Succession
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