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Ed Sheeran Surprises Florida Band Students With Performance, Tickets and Guitars

Sheeran gave an exclusive and intimate performance for high school students in Florida, and the special moment was captured on video.

Ed Sheeran surprises students from Middleton, Blake High Schools County Public Schools/Facebook

Ed Sheeran had not one, but three special surprises for high school students in Florida.

As Tampa students from Middleton High School and Blake High School performed his song "Eyes Closed," Sheeran strolled into their classroom unbeknownst to many of the teens who were focused on their sheet music.

Hillsborough County Public Schools shared video of the special moment to their Facebook page last week.

"Times forever frozen still for a group of Middleton and Blake High School students that were surprised today by Grammy Award winner and singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran," the Facebook caption read.

Before performing his songs "Perfect" and "Photograph," Sheeran revealed that he had a few more surprises for the high schoolers.

"I've also brought some guitars to give to you guys and the music department, and I'm playing a sold-out stadium tomorrow, but I've got tickets for all of you guys to come," he announced, prompting screams from the students.

Because Sheeran would be performing for thousands at his stadium show, he offered the students a more personalized and intimate experience. "I'm going to play a tiny concert now, if that's OK," he said.

Sheeran donated instruments from his new line of Sheeran by Lowden guitars to the music department.

The Evening Standard reported he also stuck around to sign autographs and take selfies.

"I've followed Ed Sheeran for like a while. And I've always had like high hopes that he would be like, an amazing person," one student told the publication. "It really gives me hope about stars."

The school district also expressed their gratitude in the Facebook post's caption, writing, "Thank you Ed Sheeran for stopping by and supporting our students!"

Sheeran's surprise appearance comes after the singer won two copyright infringement lawsuits over his song "Thinking Out Loud."

"I'm just a guy with a guitar who loves writing music for people to enjoy. I am not and will never allow myself to be a piggy bank for anyone to shake," Sheeran said outside the courthouse last week. "It's devastating to be accused of stealing someone else's song when we've put so much work into our livelihoods."

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