Doja Cat Explains Direction of Her New Music After Calling Last Albums ‘Cash Grabs’

The 'Say So' singer and rapper teases what to expect from her next album, which won't be titled 'Hellmouth' nor 'First of All'

Gary Gershoff/Getty

After calling her last two albums cash grabs that fans "fell for," rapper and pop star Doja Cat is still being mysterious about her upcoming album.

While she previously said the new record would be titled Hellmouth, followed by First of All, both of those titles have reportedly been scrapped. Insider asked the singer for updates on the real title at the Patrón El Cielo launch party in New York City, including her process in coming up with names.

Doja responded, "Good God. I don't know."

By publicly changing the titles so often, Doja said she "put my ADHD kind of on display — by accident, I guess. I thought that Hellmouth was the name of the album, but then it wasn't. But I'm good at doing things last minute. So I've been firing off random stuff and reading comments and seeing how people receive it and then, you know, saying 'No' a lot. 'Just kidding.'"

But, she added, "I do think that I finally have a title... [and] it's not First of All."

Musically with this album, Doja explained that she's been pulling from "things that were huge influences to me as a kid. You know, like jazz influences and stuff like that. So that's been a big inspiration for me lately and sort of a defining characteristic of my music."

She also pointed out one specific way the upcoming record will be different than its predecessors. "My last performances were a lot more... feminine energy... and, you know, safe. Not safe. Not safe. I mean, kinda safe."

Doja concluded, "This next move is gonna be very fun and a lot more in-depth on who I am. Less about performing a cute song and wearing a cute outfit."

The "Say So" singer is openly rejecting her previous bubblegum pop image as seen on Hot Pink and Planet Her. She shaved her head last year and has been calling out fans who want her to return to that particular persona, even tweeting that they're weeping for "mediocre pop."

It would seem that Doja wants to be taken more seriously as a rapper, as illustrated in her latest collaboration with SZA in "Kill Bill."

"A lot of people discredit me," she said at the time of the song's release, "so it's nice to just put another one in the f—ing bucket for a great rap song."

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